Sharon Wrona (Owner)

Applied Kinesiologist

Over 20 Years Experience in the bio-chemistry field, Sharon has taken Applied Kinesiology from its infant stages to full blown adulthood. Working at a therapeutic level Sharon addresses the bodies individual nutritional and dietary needs. It is her life's work taking care of our clients needs and she has traveled the world in search of homeopathic & holistic practices that will benefit our clientele. Some of her clients have been coming for over 20 years and she gains new ones daily!

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Nicole Ledbetter LMT

Applied Kinesiologist/Massage Therapist

Over 10 years experience in both the fields of Massage Therapy & Applied Kinesiology, Nicole is at the top of her game... Literally!
Nicole spends part of the year working with professional athletes, some of the biggest names, & teams in professional sports.
She takes time to come back home to Metro-Detroit in the short off seasons so bookings for her are a high high commodity!
Nicole has been building clients for over 10 years and she continues to help athletes on & off season!

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